Harry Potter fans LOVE theory of why he’s safe at Hogwarts and Voldemort really lost


Harry Potter fans LOVE theory of why he’s safe at Hogwarts and Voldemort really lost

fans have always dreamed of going to Hogwarts, but have you ever considered just how dangerous the place is? It’s not exactly a safe place to send children. And yet a very popular new fan theory argues that Harry Potter and his friends are basically always safe at Hogwarts, while also claiming the real reason of why Voldemort lost.

Reddit user logouteventually wrote: “Many people have noted the (seemingly) absolute insanity of sending your child to Hogwarts.

“One wrong syllable, wand flick, or ingredient and they might explode. Indeed nearly everything they do could very easily kill them. Or so it seems.

“Why would wizards send their kids to a deathtrap? And why aren’t there more deaths? Granted there are some, but I’ll get to that.

“My theory is that Hogwarts, and probably all wizarding schools and possibly some other establishments, have ‘nerf’ charms that ensure no one can die or be seriously (i.e., irreparably) injured while on the grounds.”

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The theorist continued: “This explains so many things. I’ll just do one.

“Quidditch is a deadly game that no one would ever play, and yet school kids are out doing it. 

“They mention that ‘no one’s died in years’ which is either just a joke or a reference to a pre-nerf school, perhaps before Dumbledore. There are many, MANY, more that I’m sure everyone can think of on their own.

“But it is clear that in general, all the students face many situations in which you would die, even if you were a wizard. And yet (almost) no one ever does.”

The theorist then gave a detailed and lengthy list of explanations for real deaths and real fear of deaths at Hogwarts, before finally getting to Voldemort and arguably the real reason that he died.

They argued: “Most importantly, Voldemort tries to use the killing curse on Harry AFTER the battle is over. With only one person causing harm, the spell is effective again and was able to prevent Harry from dying.

“Voldemort dies but he was basically already dead, and because the charm saw him as a threat and eliminated him. I don’t think anyone would die from expelliarmus alone. (And we actually saw the same thing happen before, with Dobby ‘magically’ saving Harry from the killing curse; Lucius didn’t actually finish casting it, so the countermeasure wasn’t as strong, but the threat was eliminated).

“Did Voldemort know about the charm? I think so.”

They added: “This is why he worked the way he did, in the shadows recruiting followers. He can’t just go kill everyone because the nerf charm is just too powerful. 

“Why not just have every Death Eater try to kill Harry at school? You know where he sleeps. But the charm is too powerful. At the very least he found out after the first book.

“But he probably knew or had some idea before that. He kept horcruxes at Hogwarts because he knew it was safe and they wouldn’t draw attention by killing people. He knew enough about “institutional” magic that he cursed the position of Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher. Where do you think he got that idea? But, in his arrogance, he assumed he had destroyed the charm and could kill Harry.

“I doubt anyone else knew, except for the general awareness that Hogwarts was safe.”

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