Has Dyson met its match? New cordless Halo Capsule promises the power of a wired vacuum


The competition for the best cordless vacuum cleaner is heating up. Following the launch of the Lupe Pure Cordless, which was designed by a pair of ex-Dyson engineers, and a new laser-guided model from the behemoth vacuum brand they used to work for, Halo Capsule, a new player on the market, has arrived with some pretty lofty claims.

Like the Lupe Pure Cordless before it, the Halo Capsule promises to offer the convince of a cordless design… without skimping on the power or capacity that you’ve previously only been able to achieve with an old-fashioned wired model.

According to Capsule, which has design and development teams in the UK’s Motorsport Valley, its new Halo vacuum cleaner has almost five-times the capacity of other cordless vacuums. In total, you’ll have 1.6 litres to fill with dust, grim and other nasties before you need to kill the motor and empty the vacuum into the bin. For comparison, the laser-guided Dyson V15 only has a 0.76-litre capacity, although Dyson does sell a specific Dyson V11 Outsize to cater to those who want as few journeys to the bin as possible during a deep-clean. The latter has a 1.7-litre bin. Lupe Pure Cordless has a 1-litre bin.

Until now, most brands have limited the size of the dust bin to keep the overall size of the cordless vacuum down and to ensure it’s not too heavy to lug around your home cleaning. Halo Capsule hopes to avoid all of that by using with carbon fibre for the body.

Tipping the scales at 2.6kg, the new model is lighter than you’ll get with the latest-and-greatest from Dyson (the V15 Detect Absolute weighs-in at 3kg) and Lupe Pure Cordless (a hefty 4.6kg). You’d be forgiven for thinking that lightweight design (and enormous dust bin) would mean that Halo Capsule has had to make some compromises on grunt from the motor.

However, Capsule doesn’t seem to think that’s the case. The British company has made some lofty claims about the power of its digital motor. According to Capsule, the Halo a run time of up to 60 mins, enough to leave “both carpets and hard floor surfaces spotlessly clean”.

Halo Capsule also uses paper dust pouches to lock away the dirt and provides an excellent level of filtration through its highly efficient filters, which filters around 99.95 percent of particles down to 0.5 microns. According to the firm, the dust pouches allow for conveniently clean disposal of dirt, so your days of getting covered in dust when emptying your vacuum are gone. Better yet, Halo Capsule dust pouches are made of natural materials and compostable, so you can keep clean whilst staying green.

With a price tag of £370.95, the Halo Capsule is more affordable than both the Dyson and Lupe Pure Cordless.

Published at Sat, 22 May 2021 08:01:00 +0000

Has Dyson met its match? New cordless Halo Capsule promises the power of a wired vacuum


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