Samsung QLED TV just dropped to lowest price EVER, and there’s even more good news


For those who don’t know all the acronyms like the back of their hand, QLED stands for Quantum Light-Emitting Diode, sometimes called a Quantum Dot Display. In a nutshell, QLED works like the bog-standard LED TVs – meaning there is a backlight built from hundreds or thousands of LEDs that light the individual pixels. QLED improves on standard LED by employing nanoparticles – known as quantum dots – to super-charge the brightness and colour of these individual pixels.

As a result, everything displayed on the screen should be more vibrant, colourful and pleasing on the eye.

Samsung 55-inch QLED drops to lowest-ever price at Argos | FIND THE DEAL HERE

Despite sounding like they should be pretty similar, it’s worth remembering that QLED isn’t the same as OLED. While QLED is a step-up (in quality and in price) from LED, OLED is even more expensive. As you might expect, it’s also even more capable when it comes to producing vivid colours and cavernous blacks. That’s because OLED – or Organic Light-Emitting Diode – panels don’t rely on a uniform backlight. Instead, each individual pixel is an LED that can be switched on and off to create colour or total darkness.

As you’d expect from Samsung – the biggest selling telly brand for the last fifteen years inclusive – its QLED panel supports HDR too. HDR, which stands for High Dynamic Range, kicks-in when watching HDR-complaint content and helps keep finer details intact whenever there are extremes of light. So, for example, gloomy scenes in a movie lit by sunlight from a single window will avoid becoming blown-out or too muddy. Naturally, Samsung supports HDR10+, which it helped to develop, which brings even more colour detail than standard HDR.

Elsewhere, the 55-inch Samsung QLED set supports 4K Ultra HD movies, streaming and boxsets. And hands-free voice controls are handled by its own AI assistant Bixby as well as Alexa and Google Assistant, if you’ve already got an Amazon Echo or Google Nest set-up in your home.

Better yet, Samsung Smart TVs recently enjoyed 166 new channels to watch for free.

The exclusive deal, which comes courtesy of Rakuten TV, is included in TV Plus – an advert-supported service with TV shows, news channels, documentaries and movies to watch without spending a penny. TV Plus is included with all recent Samsung sets. If you don’t fancy signing up to another video on-demand service for £10 a month to watch some new shows, Samsung TV Plus is a great way to unlock more to watch …without getting a shock on your next bank statement.

Argos is currently selling the 55-inch Samsung QLED TV for £599. Samsung sells the same model, which was first launched in 2020, on its website for £100 more, £699.

Argos is open for click-and-collect as well as home delivery.

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Published at Sun, 02 May 2021 07:11:00 +0000

Samsung QLED TV just dropped to lowest price EVER, and there’s even more good news


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