Statins side effects: Can statins trigger nightmares? Should you take them in the morning?


Statins are one of the most commonly prescribed drugs in the UK, with about seven to eight million adults in the UK currently taking them. Statins can help to lower the level of low-density lipoprotein cholesterol in the blood. You need to take them once a day, but should you take them in the morning or evening?

What are statins?

Statins can help to lower your risk of developing cardiovascular disease by reducing the amount of bad cholesterol your body makes.

You may have been prescribed statins if you’ve had a heart attack or stroke in order to reduce the likelihood of another one.

Those with peripheral arterial disease may be given statins to slow the progression of the disease.

Diabetics are at a much higher risk of developing heart disease, so it’s common for them to take statins to reduce the risk.

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Should you take statins in the morning?

According to the British Heart Foundation, the most important thing about taking statins is that you take them regularly.

Some people have complained that statins have caused nightmares, but there is no reliable data to prove this.

If you’re having nightmares and you think the tablet is causing it, you may think taking the statin in the morning will solve the problem – but you need to check your prescription first.

For some types of statins, it doesn’t matter what time of day you take them, as long as you take them at the same time.

However, it is better to take some types of statin at night, because that’s when they have a bigger effect on reducing your cholesterol.

Read your prescription and ask your GP if you are unsure about when to take your statins.

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Statins side effects: Can statins trigger nightmares? Should you take them in the morning?


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