UK Covid variant: How many Covid variants come from the UK?


Covid variants have become a key concern around the world this year, as several have cropped up in different countries. Brazil, South Africa and the UK have all reported distinct local versions of the base virus, which cropped up in Wuhan last year. They come with enhanced infective capability and, in some cases, higher death rates.

How many Covid variants have come from the UK?

The UK is one of three countries to have discovered a local variant.

These are offshoots of the virus which have acquired a mutation named E484K, raising concern in the scientific community.

Variants are an inevitability, especially during pandemics, as these provide them with several environments where they can adapt and evolve.

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Sharon Peacock, director of the consortium, attested to the effectiveness of her organisation.

She said most countries without an operational programme would struggle to identify variants at all.

Professor Peacock said: “If you are going to find something anywhere, you are going to find it probably here first.

“And if [a variant] occurs in places that don’t have any sequencing, you’re not going to find it at all.”

Published at Wed, 10 Feb 2021 16:18:13 +0000

UK Covid variant: How many Covid variants come from the UK?


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