You can still buy an Amazon Echo at its record-breaking Black Friday price


If you’re considering buying an Amazon Echo, but think you’d be better waiting until Amazon’s next Prime Day or Black Friday event to get the biggest discount …there’s no need to worry. You can add one of these to your basket right now and you’ll be getting the latest-generation AI-powered speaker at the same price as during the recent Black Friday 2021 sale. Better yet, it’s the cheapest price tag that Amazon has ever sold its fourth-generation Echo Dot, which sports a new spherical design, upgraded speaker quality that supports lossless HD audio for the first time, and is built with 100 percent recycled fabric and 50 percent recycled plastic. 

Following an update earlier this month, Amazon’s fourth-generation Echo Dot can now detect when you’re in the room – without saying a word. This functionality isn’t enabled by default, so don’t worry about voice assistant Alexa keeping tabs on your movements without your say-so, however, if you decide to switch on the feature within the Alexa companion app on your phone, it can unlock some amazing new tricks.

The Echo and Echo Dot are capable of working out whether anyone has wandered into the room (or left) based on how the ultrasound wave bounces off objects in the room, before travelling back to the far-field microphone array used by the gadget to listen to your voice commands.

Elsewhere, you’ll be able to use the fourth-generation Amazon Echo Dot for all of the usual Alexa tricks. This hands-free smart assistant can organise your calendar, set timers, read out recipes, make calls to other Echo devices or UK mobiles, order takeaways and taxis, track the progress of your Amazon orders, queue-up music requests from Amazon Music, Spotify, Apple Music and a number of other streaming services, play radio stations via TuneIn, play games, check the latest traffic conditions and read out headlines and forecasts from providers like Sky News and BBC.

There’s no word of when Amazon will stop selling its latest-generation Echo Dot for the record-low of £28.99. Given that it’s been this price since Black Friday, which fell on November 25 this year, we wouldn’t expect this deal to stick around much longer.

Published at Thu, 30 Dec 2021 09:17:52 +0000

You can still buy an Amazon Echo at its record-breaking Black Friday price


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