Your Google Photos may have a secret folder that you really need to discover


Some lucky Google Photos users can now access a secret folder that’s now hidden within the popular online storage service. Google revealed earlier this year that was it adding a ‘Locked Folder’ feature to Photos which allows more personal images to be stored behind a layer of password protection.

That means they are hidden from view on the main image feed and can’t be accessed without knowing a unique code that’s set up by the account owner.

“You can save sensitive photos and videos to a folder protected by your device screen lock in the Google Photos app,” explained Google.

“Items in Locked Folder won’t appear in the Photos grid, memories, search or albums and won’t be available to other apps on your device that have access to your photos and videos.”

This update was originally pushed out to Google’s own Pixel phones but according to the team at Android Police, some Samsung and OnePlus phones are also now getting the option to pop photos inside a Locked Folder.

This shouldn’t be a surprise as Google had confirmed that more Android devices would get this functionality before the end of the year.

In a post on Twitter, Google said: “With Locked Folder in @googlephotos, you can add photos to a passcode protected space and they won’t show up as you scroll through Photos or other apps on your phone. Locked Folder is launching first on Google Pixel, and more Android devices throughout the year.”

If you are one of those who can now use this feature you can set it up by going to launching Google Photos app and going to Photos. Then tap on Library > Utilities > Locked Folder.

Although this feature is only currently available on Android, Google has also promised that iPhone users will be granted access early in 2022 so watch this space.

Published at Sun, 05 Dec 2021 12:09:36 +0000

Your Google Photos may have a secret folder that you really need to discover


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