This Sky Q deal got much better overnight, and it’s all thanks to another company


Netflix is increasing prices for all UK subscribers, with the basic and standard plans increasing by £1 to £6.99 and £10.99, respectively. Meanwhile, the premium tier, which includes the ability to watch on four screens simultaneously and watch in 4K Ultra HD quality, rises by £2 to £15.99 a month. The price hikes follow a similar move in the United States. But satellite company Sky, which includes a subscription to Netflix as part of its basic bundle of channels, has not tweaked the cost of its subscription.

For £26 a month, you’ll get the award-winning Sky Q set-top box, a basic Netflix subscription (now worth £6.99 a month), access to 500 on-demand boxsets from some of the biggest US networks, as well as live channels like Sky Atlantic, Sky Crime, Sky Sports News, Comedy Central, MTV, Discovery Channel, and many more. This bundle also includes access to exclusive shows from US-only streaming service Peacock, including Bel-Air, Joe vs Carole, and Girls 5 Eva. In future, you’ll also be able to watch shows from Paramount+, another US-only rival to Netflix with a catalogue of exclusive shows and movies.

The Sky Q box is capable of pausing and rewinding live television. It also boasts a wide array of streaming services, including Netflix (which is included in your subscription) as well as apps for Disney+, Apple TV+, Prime Video, a number of fitness apps and Spotify. Searching on the Sky Q box will trawl through the selection of live channels, Sky Store, as well as any streaming services signed-in on the box. This will ensure that you don’t pay to rent something on the Sky Store that’s included as part of your subscription to Disney+, for example.

Sky Q supports films and live sports in 4K Ultra HD – the highest picture quality currently available from most broadcasters.

Sky Q ships with a Voice Remote, which boasts a microphone to enable spoken commands. If you don’t fancy typing with the alphanumeric keypad on the remote, you can use the microphone to ask for your favourite actor, show, film title, or director. Sky has also programmed its set-top box with a number of movie quotes, so shouting “Show Me The Money!” will summon Jerry Maguire, for example.

Published at Wed, 16 Mar 2022 08:01:00 +0000

This Sky Q deal got much better overnight, and it’s all thanks to another company


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