Time to ditch your Galaxy Watch? Google’s long-awaited Pixel Watch rival might launch soon


Android smartphone owners could soon have a new accessory to strap onto their wrists. The latest whispers suggest that, after years and years of waiting, Google is finally getting close to launching its hotly anticipated Pixel Watch, with one top tech tipster even suggesting that it arrive as early as this spring.

Rumours of a smartwatch created by the teams at Google to showcase its Wear operating system have been rife since 2014, but despite Google releasing new Pixel smartphones and wireless earbuds in the years since, the US technology firm still hasn’t joined the watch revolution.

But that could all be about to change as Jon Prossser, who has a history of breaking the news about upcoming launches before they’re officially announced, has revealed Google could be planning to launch its long-rumoured Pixel Watch on May 26, 2022.

In a tweet posted on social media, Prosser said: “Pixel Watch. I’m hearing that Google is planning on launching it on Thursday, May 26th — over year since we leaked it. This is the first we’ve seen a set date on the device behind the scenes.”

That date would make some sense as Google usually holds its big developer conference around this time. Although its annual I/O developers event is mainly based around upcoming software releases, there have been plenty of times in the past when new hardware has also been shown to the world.

Other than that launch date, little else is known about the Pixel Watch although a previous leak, also via Prosser, did reveal a device with a super-thin form factor, colourful straps and a circular design.

Despite Google staying tight-lipped about this device it’s almost certain that it will be powered by Google’s wearOS software and offer all the usual features we’ve come to expect from these wearables.

That means owners should be able to check their daily exercise levels, see notifications on their wrists, monitor their heart rate and make calls without needing to reach for their phones.

Some smartwatches can now even call the emergency contacts if you’ve had a bad fall and monitor daily blood pressure levels.

We’ll have to wait and see if Google does finally release its first smartwatch and if it’s good enough to take on the might of Apple and Samsung’s Galaxy Watch.

In other tech news, we now know exactly when the new Galaxy S22 will be unveiled with Samsung revealing that it will be holding its next Unpacked event on February 9.

In a statement, Samsung revealed: “True innovations don’t just evolve with the world – they help shape it. To create the devices that push us ahead, rewrite the future and bring light to the dark, we must continue to break the rules of what is possible with a smartphone. Join Samsung Electronics on February 9 2022 for the next Galaxy Unpacked as we set an epic new standard for smartphones with the most noteworthy S series ever created.”

Published at Wed, 26 Jan 2022 16:52:35 +0000

Time to ditch your Galaxy Watch? Google’s long-awaited Pixel Watch rival might launch soon


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